Benefits Of A Strict Limit And Season On Red Snapper Essay example

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I. Attention Getter- Who here enjoys fishing or eating fish? While you are standing in the hot sun or sitting down at the dinner table eating, do you ever think about if that fish is over fished? Do you ever wonder when fishing or sitting at your dinner table eating fish that was either caught fresh or bought from a store. If the fish that you are putting in your mouth is over fished? What are the possibilities of that fish’s population depleting to such a low number where they cannot be caught anymore at the rate they are being caught now, or even at such a high rate more of them need to be caught and eaten.
II. Introduce Topic- Today, I would like to tell you about the benefits and the concerns of having a strict limit and season on red snapper in the gulf and what the possible outcome could be.
III. Establish Credibility- I have obtained my research from multiple sources, including: The Northwest Florida online database, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.
IV. Preview Body- First, we are going to look at a quick background of the red snapper limit and season, then we are going to look at the advantages of the red snapper season we have, Finally, we will wrap up the discussion with talking about the disadvantages of the red snapper limit and season we have in place.
Main point one- background of red snapper
I. {Transition} First let’s look at the background of the red snapper season…

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