Benefits Of A Single Parent Home Essay

711 Words Apr 7th, 2015 3 Pages
Children come in to this world at the expense of two people. As life goes on things happen. Some parents pass away. Sometimes married parents realize that it might just be better for them to co-parent rather than raise a family in the same house. Many people are very effective at co-parenting, nevertheless the bulk of the parenting falls on the back of one parent more than the other. Meanwhile, taking into to consideration it is tough on the children if they are moving from house to house on consistent basis and never able to build a set structure. Structure is one of the most important things in a single parent home. Often times one of the benefits of a single parent home is structure is almost forced because the obligation of raising children and meeting daily needs is on the shoulders of one person.
Also another benefit is the fact that is can be quite motivating for the child once they are aware of their surroundings. Survival and success become more than just doing the right thing. It becomes a matter of changing your life and the lives around you. Often times subconsciously we do the things that we see parents do as well as siblings. If we saw the pain and agony of our single mom or single dad work multiple jobs then it can have bearing effect on what you want to do as an adult. It teaches children how to fight and refuse to give up. In a single parent home all you have is each other, there are plenty resources available for many single parent families but it boils…

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