Benefits Of A Perfect Parent Essays

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Conceiving a child can be a dream come true for nearly everyone, but it is not a stress-free journey. Most people assume that they will be able to handle all the responsibilities of being a parent, but many times realize that it is different than expected. There are no characteristics of a perfect parent, it is a demanding but rewarding experience and learning to be a parent comes with the difficulties that arise throughout the stages of human development. As a mother in the prenatal stage of human development, it is essential to stay healthy. A strategy to maintain health is to quit drinking, smoking, and other unhealthy practices. Upholding your health not only benefits you, but the child as well. Staying healthy can eliminate the toxic agents that could possibly harm the growing embryo or fetus. These agents are known as teratogens, they are toxins, viruses and drugs. Alcohol, a drug, if consumed while pregnant can cause permanent effects to the child. When a pregnant woman decides to drink alcohol, the alcohol travels through the bloodstream, into the placenta, and then to the fetus. If a fetus creates a liking to the alcohol, in their teens they can end up as heavy drinkers or could be born with fetal alcohol syndrome. Both of these outcomes can be challenging problems to deal with, that is why staying especially healthy when pregnant, is a helpful strategy. After the prenatal stage, begins the infancy and childhood stage of human development. Your baby developed…

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