Benefits Of A Net Patient Service Revenue Essay

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Assets In the year 2015, Tri-City had their current assets at $125,599,000, capital assets (net) at $109,509,000, and non-current assets of $21,763,000, which totals $256,421 in total assets. Their cash flow in cash and equivalents is $15,711,112, restricted cash investments are $51,418,000, patients’ accounts receivable are $43,587,397, and other receivables are $1,972,226. Their supplies inventory is $7,401,180, the pre-paid expenses and other assets are $2,691,937, and the estimated third-party payor settlement is $2,817,491 which totals $125,599,343 in total current assets and in combination their total assets are $256,420,614. (p.11)
Net patient service revenue is $311,993,429, the premium revenue is $17,893,104, and the other revenue is $7,308,188, which is $337,194,721 in total operating revenue. Their expenses in salaries and related expenses are $189,371,461, supplies are $71,529,950, the purchased services is $18,147,963, the depreciation and amortization is $11,724,273, other operating expense are $18,336,719, the professional and medical fees are $14,646,849, maintenance, rent & utilities are $13,013,256, which totals $336,770,471 in total operating expenses. The net income (loss) from operations is $424,250 and the non-operating revenue (expenses) in district tax revenue is $8,469,927, the interest income is $195,950, the interest expense is ($4,229,852), the other non‐operating (expense) income is ($426,307) which totals $4,009,718 in their total…

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