Benefits Of A Mock Interview Essays

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Haddaway, Amanda. “Benefits Of A Mock Interview.” Careeralism. 2 March 2016. Web. 15 Apr. 2016. Haddaway provides multiple reasons to engage in mock interviews, a practice interview to test strengths and weaknesses, such as helping boost candidate’s confidence and reduces stress. The article introduces career services for students entering the workplace and promotes using them to help individuals get a job. The article introduces the idea of pretend consultations, then provides evidence to back up the authors beliefs which helps the article persuade readers to practice this technique. This article is similar to Katharine Hansen’s because they both recommend mock interviews and promotes its use to jobseekers. If one goes to a workforce service to interact in a practice interview, does it provide more preparation than an imitated interview with a friend?
Hansen, Katharine. “Best Practices In Preparing Students For Mock Interviews.” Business Communication Quarterly. 72.3 (2009): 318-327. ERIC. Web. 13 Apr. 2016. To help first time employers, Hansen recommends mock interviews and gives the best advice in preparing for them. She provides some example answers to often asked questions and shares an experience an individual gained from an artificial consultation. The article is most effective from the experience given because shows how a jobseeker has gained confidence from practicing interviews and the methods used prior to the actual employment interview. Hansen differs from…

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