Essay on Benefits Of A Man And A Woman After My Teenage Years

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I never really noticed the differences between the advantages of a man and a woman until my teenage years. It was during these years that i saw the many advantages a male had. My group of friends and i would plan on studying at a friends house and when it started to become dark, the girls were constantly checking their phones because we all had curfews and were expected to be home at a certain time. In the other hand, the guys seemed to not worry about time since their parents were less worried about them and let them stay out late at night. I understand that it is dangerous for young teenagers to be out late but why is it that even though a boy and a girl are both young they are treated way differently.
Another instance of this was at my high school. I went to a private boarding school and we also had a curfew. Girls were expected to be back in the dorm by 7:30. We were expected to be back at this time or else we would get community service and after we were all checked into the dorm the doors were closed and nobody was allowed to come out. That is the ways it was for the girls but for the boys it was a very different story. They were expected to check into the dorm at the same time as us but after getting checked in they were allowed to go wherever they pleased on campus. This was very unfair to us girls but in the end we couldn’t do anything about it.
Men and women have very different biological differences but this does not mean that one must have more privileges than…

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