Benefits Of A Liberal Drug Approach Essay

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Benefits of a Liberal Drug Approach In 1971 President Richard Nixon declared the War on Drugs and four decades later the United States has spent $1 trillion (Branson). What do we have to show for it as Americans? The world’s largest prison population at 2.3 million people and more than half a million of the inmates are imprisoned due to drug violations (Branson). About 460,000 more people in jail and prison today than in 1980 all from drug related crimes (Branson). The United States has the strictest drug laws and yet we have the highest concentration of illegal drug use in the world (Warner). The War on Drugs isn’t working and a new approach needs to be taken. For America to properly fight the “War on Drugs” the government needs to take a more liberal approach to drug laws similar to the approach that the Netherlands has taken.
The Netherlands took a new approach to their Drug War in 1976 when they separated the drug market by “soft drugs and “hard drugs.” Soft drugs are less hazardous drugs for your health and they are for example marijuana, hash, sedatives and sleeping pills. Hard drugs refer to drugs like heroin, cocaine, amphetamine, LSD, and ecstasy for which all have serious health risks associated with taking them as well as possible addiction. The Netherlands also decriminalized marijuana for personal use up to 30g originally until it was reduced to 5g a day in 1995. Their prison system is very small because law enforcement believes more heavily in fines, health…

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