Benefits Of A Healthy Person Essay

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Everyone has a different idea of what health is and what a healthy person should do or should not do. Some people say that a healthy person would live the longest or a person is only healthy if he/she is physically very strong and active. Some might even say a person is only healthy if he /she is mentally strong. In my opinion, health can not be defined in one word. A person can be healthy in different ways just like my grandfather. My grandfather is seventy-six years old and he is my healthiest relative.
My grandfather has many health conditions that he needs medicine for. He has diabetes, hypertension, and he used to have higher cholesterol levels and he also takes blood thinners. He has been managing his symptoms for diabetes and his glucose levels have been in control as well. Even after having all these conditions, I still consider him the healthiest person as I have myself seen him self-controlling and working hard to manage his glucose levels. He used to have high cholesterol, however from the past eight years his cholesterol levels are also in control. In order to manage his/her health, a person needs a lot of self-control and this level of self-control represents a stronger mind and also defines how mentally healthy a person is.
My grandfather has a lot of self control over him which might also be caused by the fact that he used to work with military officers. Self-control is an example of strong minds which also represents good health. My grandfather is very…

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