Essay on Benefits Of A Healthy Lifestyle For College Students

830 Words Dec 28th, 2016 4 Pages
To begin the approach to a healthy lifestyle for college students, I believe universities should an addition to University Graduation requirements for students to take a health related course. Such courses could include Introduction to Public Health, or even a running class. The stress-relieving and mental benefits of exercise should be stressed just as much as the benefits of appearance.
Too often, students neglect working out because they do not believe that they have time. If a required class was incorporated into their schedule, they would be more likely to put forth an effort in the program. In addition, they would be receiving credit hours for simply benefiting their own health. A young adult may not realize how their actions could decrease wellness for the rest of their life. A simple brochure, class, or seminar has the potential to drive a student to pursue a healthy lifestyle in order to increase the quality of their remaining life.
In addition, since many students enter college as an “Undecided” major, a required health education class could lead them into a lifetime career of wellness. One weightlifting class could inspire a student to pursue athletic or personal training. Once a student an interest in an area of fitness, they may begin to search or create many extracurricular programs to join with other individuals with the same passion. Joining specific clubs could initiate student networking for their future professions, along with long lasting friendships.…

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