Benefits Of A Healthy Diet Essays

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When I was in high school, my mom was diagnosed with stage-III breast cancer. I still remember the doctor explaining to my family that her being overweight was a potential contributing factor. At that moment, I realized the importance of a healthy diet; seeing my mother struggle to survive each day further inspired me to pursue a nutritional science major. Even then, I imagined that I would one day become a dietitian, which would give me the chance to help sick people like my mom prolong their lives. My ambition was to facilitate healthy eating lifestyles in order to reduce chronic disease. Unfortunately, the summer before I transferred to UC Berkeley, my mom passed away. When I lost my mom, I almost gave up on my dream. Looking back, the words of my father shine like a beacon: “You did not have a chance to help your mother, but you still can help others.” These words bring me back to my dream of helping people lead better and healthier lives. As I understand the hurt that comes from losing someone unnecessarily to a chronic disease, I will work that much harder to prevent similar suffering in others. Moreover, I was part of the poor community in southern Vietnam for seven years, so I understand that those who need my help the most are low-income people. Therefore, I want to be a community health dietitian to serve the low-income population.
Most of my volunteer work has been to serve poorer communities. Along with my classes, those volunteer shifts have helped me prepare…

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