Essay about Benefits Of A Health Insurance

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Health Insurance Purchasing
Whether we have two employees or 50, we realize that employer-sponsored health insurance is one of the benefits workers value most. This statement is also backed by research; according to a survey conducted by Monster Insights, health care benefits are the most popular benefit to employees and job seekers (Monster Insights). Offering a group health insurance plan can help us hire and retain the best workers as well as improve productivity and morale. Because our workforce is healthier, it will lead to a happier workforce; happier employees lead to a more productive workforce.
Nonetheless, selecting the best health insurance plan for our company means making an educated group decision and organizing our priorities. One main priority of many small businesses like ours is the cost of a health care plan. “Small employers ranked cost the number one factor in determining whether or not they offer health insurance, and costs continue to rise” (NSBA). However, cost is not our number one concern as we are backed by countless grants including the MacArthur ‘Genius’ grant received by each of Vital co-founders. Hence, we should aim to provide premium coverage for our employees regardless of the cost.
I propose we undertake UPMC Small Business Advantage Platinum PPO $10/$25 Health Plan. It is an expensive plan, but the benefits outweigh the costs. This ultimate platinum plan is a PPO plan which covers emergency care outside/inside the network, no deductible…

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