Benefits Of A Good Future Essay

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A good future in our society is defined as having a great job receiving maximum pay for their hard work, driving a nice car, having a house and many luxuries. People define success by getting what they want. In order to get, we must attain to college to improve ourselves. But are those desires the only thing we value in our life, the only things we see to determine the success of our life? Success can be defined in many other ways, such as peoples working in the fields they love, having less income, spending more time with family and friends. Today, A four-year college is a common goal for most people, and it is an aid to help people academically and economically. According to The National Center for Education Statistics "In fall 2016, some 20.5 million students are expected to attend American colleges and universities, constituting an increase of about 5.2 million since fall 2000" (College and University Education). But with all the increases in college attendance, who can make the promise to the students there will be more people who will have success in the future due to the increase of enrollment today? In the essay "Blue Collar Brilliance", Mike Rose argues that working experiences are just as important the academic education. People should reconsider work experience to be a type of skills that will also improve people 's future. College is good for a majority of people, but definitely not for all. I strongly agree that work experience is as important as education.…

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