Benefits Of A Free Food And Drinks Essay

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Evaluating the situation where the manager changed the required hours to work in order to receive free food and drinks must be a tactic to punish employees for not working hard. What occurred after inventory had been conducted is the manager taking action because he won’t receive his bonus due to the high percentage (p.W-107). Raising the hours employees have to work before receiving food and drinks is an extrinsic reward being taken away, which may discourage employees since they’re accustomed to receiving the original benefits preceding the change (p.W-107). Another negative is having one manager, one assistant manager, and two to five night managers which seems like a lot for one business where conflict may arise (p.W-106). Working for this Pizzeria business doesn’t sound perfect for employees since they only work part-time and paid minimum wage. The negative attributes of pay dissatisfaction and poor organization may be the reason why employees and managerial problems exist (p.W-106).
When the manager was working beside the employees this brought a level of dissatisfaction where both parties had their differences on how certain functions should be performed (p.W-107). What occurred was the manager and workers having less communication which led to employee turnover that resulted in experienced workers leaving the company (p.W-107). This caused the manager to work alongside inexperienced workers until they understood the operation. Once the inexperienced workers became…

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