Essay on Benefits Of A Free Community College

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Having free community college encourages high school graduates to pursue a higher education. Tuitions and fees for four-year institutions have increased by 3.4 percent each year from 2005 and 2015 (Morris). The increasing cost of tuition for four-year universities turns away students from automatically going to a university, thus leading them to go to a community college instead. However, they still run into some financial troubles there. Students are most likely to apply for a community college if the government reduces the paperwork they have to fill out for financial aid (Goral). Having free community college would benefit every student and it could help reduce the student debts owed in the country. Students will be more encouraged to attend community college if they do not have to worry about getting into a costly debt. In the article “Pay It Forward” the author quotes Dr. Dhanfu Elston, vice president for alliance state relations at Complete College America who says, “We know that there are a number of students who [have dropped out due to] financial difficulties, but we also know that many of these students are stopping their studies or dropping out because our system is not very well designed” (qtd. in Morris). This means many people cannot pursue their desired education because they do not have the funds to afford it. If the government gave students more resources to help pay for community college, then students would not have to drop out and quit studying (Morris).…

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