Benefits Of A Diverse Workforce Essay

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Today’s leaders are faced with many challenges. In an ever-increasing global and interconnected society, it is important for modern leaders to be able to connect with and lead a variety of individuals from diverse backgrounds. Leaders must be savvy in the way they interact with employees and stakeholders, but must also consider ways to build a multi-cultural workforce. Spiritual leaders seek to engage the human spirit-mind, body and soul (Benefiel, as cited in Redden, 2010). It is then perhaps only natural for leaders who focus on fulfilling individuals in all capacities to also make it a priority to accept and embrace a diverse and dynamic workplace.
Benefits of a Diverse Workforce Diversity can bring about many distinct advantages to organizations. Workplaces that foster diversity are often more effective and produce better financial results (Nelson, 2014). For example, companies in the top quartile for women in executive positions from 2007-2009 had a 41% greater return on equity and a 56% grater earnings (before interest and taxes) than companies with no women executives within the same sector (Nelson, 2014). These findings transcend cultures and geography. Indian companies that were headed by women had similar results and actually grew at a faster rate within a five year period (Nelson, 2014). These financial gains were not strictly tied to gender. Similar results were found with companies whose executives were racially diverse. Organizations with greater…

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