Benefits Of A College Education Essay

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Essay 2
A college education is vital in 2015 because it imparts key knowledge and important skills that are necessary in the current job market. Companies increasingly prefer employees with a college education over those who have not attended college as the disparity in salary between those with a college education and those without shows. This has also resulted in an increase in college attendance and costs which would prevent attendance of college for many without the many financial aid options available from colleges.
Employees are representative of the company they work for and the behavior and abilities of those employees can have greater influence on public opinion than marketing and advertising campaigns. This can be seen in social media where companies are becoming increasingly active and frequently are required to deal with situations where the behavior of an employee has gone viral. The behavior, good or bad, can quickly become the face of the company overriding any marketing and advertising that has been produced. As a result of these situations companies need employees capable of presenting themselves professionally in writing and in speeches and presentations, in addition to the skills need to perform their jobs. However, companies do not have the resources to impart the full amount of knowledge and abilities their employees should possess.
Fortunately, College and Universities have the resources to full educate their students and prepare them for employment.…

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