Benefits Of A College Education Essay

1365 Words Dec 12th, 2016 6 Pages
Escamilla 4benefits and perks that come within a job that includes a college education doesn’t come with ajob that okay takes people that have only a high school diploma. A reason on way theemployment benefits and perks are really important are because they come with very good waysthat provide stability for yourself and for your family, especially in the health care case. Theycare called perks and benefits of the job you get, but in all reality they are a vital part in anyone’ssalary because of the work they did to earn a college education. In some of the cases forsomeone having a college education depending on what the career path they take or the job theyearn the benefits can exceed an employee’s take-home pay. But the perks and benefits of earninga college education can even extend beyond generations. The families of the students that arecollege graduates seems to be better off in their lifestyle socially and economically. Going tocollege and getting an education from it is the best thing you can do. It’s the way you know thatyou won’t have to depend on something else other than your degree to help you sustain the wayyou live. With a college degree you will have money to buy food for your family, you’ll be ableto buy you kids gifts, and it’s less stressful for you. You can have a really good paying job andcan probably even spend more time with your children. You will have less cares in the world forways to find or manage to get money. Also with going to college and…

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