Benefits Of A Balanced Diet Essay example

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Having a balanced diet is key to living a healthy long life, and it reduces the chance of contracting a preventable disease. Consuming too much or too little of certain aspects of your diet can have significant effects on the life you live. Sodium intake is a major problem the world faces, especially in the United States. Restaurants, fast food establishments, and processed food companies add salt to most of their dishes or products to add taste and give it a longer shelf life. When tracking my food intake this week, I realized I am apart of the majority that consumes too much sodium in my diet. Convenient foods that take little to no time too prepare that are loaded with sodium and other chemicals quickly add up in unexpected ways.
Tracking my food over a three-day period gave me an interesting insight into seeing which foods I eat too much, not enough or just right. The amount of kcals I consumed was enough to support my healthy body weight, and they gave me enough energy for the day. Most of these calories I ate are consumed throughout the day to keep me from getting too hungry, and then over eating. The charts also showed that I went over in empty calories. I got those calories from choosing bad snacks and treats throughout the day. My protein intake was mostly meat and egg sources instead of plant products. These sources are less beneficial and have a higher concentration of fat and sodium, then the alternatives. Research also shows that eating certain types of…

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