Benefits Associated With Mindfulness On The Workplace Essay examples

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Job Performance There are several benefits associated with mindfulness in the workplace. Job performance, for example has shown to be positively correlated with mindfulness.
Narayanan and Moynihan (2006), conducted a study on call center customer service agents
(N = 195) and shown that mindfulness reduced feelings of exhaustion, cynicism and inefficiency on the job. Researchers determined mindfulness was “positively related to reflection and negatively related to rumination” (Narayanan & Moynihan, 2006, p. 3). Mindfulness training was found to be effective in a call center environment because employees who practiced mindfulness were able to stay present in the current situation without spillover of bad feelings dealing with prior client interactions (Narayanan & Moynihan, 2006). Mindfulness has shown to be beneficial in dynamic environments (Dane, 2011; Dane & Brummel, 2013). Dane (2011) conducted a field study of trial lawyers and found that mindfulness played a key role in dynamic environments in which a continual stream of unpredictable events occurred. Furthermore, another study conducted by Dane and Brummel (2013), evaluated mindfulness of restaurant servers (N=102), and its relationship to job performance and turnover intention. Dane and Brummel (2013) shown mindfulness positively correlated with two components of work engagement; vigor (r= .43, p< .001) and dedication (r = .33, p = .001) and negatively related to turnover intention (β = -.25, p = .013).…

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