Benefits And Disadvantages Of Athletic Activities Essay

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A positive childhood is one in which children grow up participating in activities that teach them to cooperate, develop skills, and learn rules of behavior. Some parents who decide not to allow their children to participate in athletic activity have a variety of reasons for their decision. These decisions are a reflection of beliefs, ideas, and circumstances that a family may experience. Several stances that particularly stand out are that they would be risking their child’s physical health by allowing them to play sports, they would be jeopardizing their academics, or maybe the family schedule is too hectic to allow for a sports extracurricular activity. No matter what the reason, research comparing the advantages and disadvantages of athletic activities supports the reasons that being active in sports is more beneficial as a whole for children. Participating in sports is constructive for children because it will increase their physical health and positively develop their mental and social health.
From the second a person wakes up and even before, a person’s health is at risk. The possibility of being injured is increased significantly when a person participates in a physical activity. Therefore, the chances of them getting hurt are greater. If this is truly how a parent feels, why would anyone willingly introduce their child to a greater risk of getting injured? Although the possibility of injury increases, the benefits of allowing a child to participate in sports…

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