Benefits And Disadvantages Of A Behaviorist Theory Essay

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Behaviorist believes you can train a behavior depending on stimuli or rewards (Smaldino, Lowther, Russell, & Mims, 2015). At the beginning of the year, I go over all of the expectations in class and students who perform those expectations without being told gain a ticket or snack. Developing a token economy is the perspective Behaviorist believe could develop the wanted habits. There are five strategies that work well with the behaviorist belief - demonstration, drill-and-practice, discussions, games, and simulation. However, as a teacher you know that grouping your students plays a big factor in the atmosphere.
Social-psychologist understands that when grouping students can affect the learning environment (Smaldino, Lowther, Russell, & Mims, 2015). When changing the lab table grouping, I have to consider the different benefits and disadvantages sitting one student next to another. Groupings are demonstrated through presentations, cooperative learning, problem-based learning, games, and discovery. Many of days, I ask my students “what were you thinking” and they would always respond “I don’t know.” Cognitivist helps teachers discover what is happening in their heads.
Cognitivist study human behavior to understand their mental process (Smaldino, Lowther, Russell, & Mims, 2015). Middle schoolers do not understand the quote “your actions speak louder than your words” – Mark Twain. I explain to them that I can sometimes understand where they are heading because of their…

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