Benefits And Consequences Of Having Separated Parents Essay examples

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The family that I was born into has had a dramatic impact on the person that I am today. Obviously the people themselves have had a dramatic impact on who I am as a person, but the structure of my family has also shaped who I’ve become more than anyone I know personally. When I was three years old my parents got divorced. I don 't remember them being married because I was too young when they separated, but in the long run, not remembering them together has helped me through the experience. For me, a nuclear family wasn 't natural because divorce was the only thing that I knew. Once I matured I realized that all my friends had nuclear families, but fortunately this realization happened after the time that I needed to adapt to the separation. There have been many benefits and consequences to having separated parents. During my childhood, it felt like a nuisance and took up much more of my time than I would have liked it to. Going to different houses every other weekend limited me from being with friends that I already had, and restricted me from formulating new ones. This wasn 't the biggest consequence that had affected me, it was the miscommunication that took the largest toll on me. I mean this in two different ways, first and most obvious, this includes both parents telling me completely different things at the same time. This is similar to the Dionysus v. Apollo example, if you obey one ,then the other will be angry at you, and at a young age it was detrimental to have…

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