Bios Urn Case Study

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I. Item Description
Many say that there cannot be life after death, but with the Bios Urn, ‘death’ is objectionable. The Bios Urn is a decomposable urn made from “coconut shell, compressed peat, and cellulose” which is used to encase the cremated remains of both humans and pets (Navarro). The dimensions of the Bios Urn measure at “16 x 16 x 33 cm”, have a capacity of five point eight pounds, and features a medium, which is utilized to grow trees and plants with the use of the cremated remains (Bios Urn).
While there are limits to product variation which the Bios Urn offers, the possibilities are endless. The Bios Urn is offered with the following species of trees: maple, pine, ginkgo, beech, and ash (Bios Urn). The Bios Urn is offered with the growth medium without a seed that way the consumer is able to plant whatever they feel is suitable for the departed.
II. Benefits to the Consumer
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The Bios Urn also provides the consumer an alternative cremation urn which encases the remains of their loved one, and provides a unique method of disposition which also is cost efficient. While maintaining the ability to encase cremated remains, the Bios Urn provides the consumer the freedom and convenience to plant their loved one’s urn in an area of their choosing, while also enduring eco-friendly benefits. A final benefit which the Bios Urn provides to the consumer is the ability to watch and witness their loved one grow into a new life form. This experience alone may create a positive, warm, and loving emotional reaction that will provide the family and friends a tangible product which gives them the ability to touch, hug, and visit the tree or plant in memory of their loved

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