Benefits And Challenges Of Green Office Buildings

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Wellington Green office Buildings Field Trip Report
1.0 Introduction
In this report, the author will discuss green office buildings based on observation and notes from 17th June Wellington green office buildings field trip. The author will explain the green features of three green office buildings: Bank of New Zealand [BNZ], Meridian Energy Ltd [Meridian] and Spark. Then comment the benefits and challenges of the buildings. In final section, the author will give own impressions and opinions of the green office buildings.

2.0 Features and operations
2.1 Location and car park
All three buildings are located near public transport such as bus stations and train station. BNZ just has two small car parks. Meridian not has car park. Spark has rent
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Firstly, green office buildings save resources and energy usage. Due to green office buildings use recycle materials and perpetual energy sources, such solar. The company reduce huge amount of general sources use. Secondly, reduce costs. As the author talks about in section 2.3, lots of high technology services help companies save the money. For example, the Spark’s smart meetings rooms can make people save the costs on transportation. The third benefit is increase working efficient and working conditions. The green office design can offer more humanized design and management. It will make people feel happy and comfortable, and then increase their work …show more content…
These functions make green office buildings get more efficient resources usage and better working conditions. Computer building management is useful of efficient lighting. Chilled beams increase efficiency of heating and cooling Solar panel use of perpetual energy source offers to hot water. Here also one good example of BNZ uses low technology to design green office building. BNZ’s most office chairs’ parts are removable. When the some parts of the chairs broken or too old, people just need replace the broken or old parts, they need not buy new chairs. This function also conform using robust and repairable furniture of green office building

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