Essay about Benefits And Benefits Of Friends With Benefits

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Unlike the modern definition of friends with benefits, friends with benefits have many forms of friendships and the benefits are more than just sex. From a reciprocal altruism point of view: reproductive and survival costs and benefits of opposite-sex and same sex friendships can be observed in humans. As our ancestors have lived in the past, without friendship certain tasks or social life would be difficult because a friend can provide fitness relevant benefits to us in several ways such as resources, cooperation, assistance, and mating opportunities. Both sexes acquired friendship from male and female to gain access to resources mentioned above. Forming friendship with an individual can be both beneficial and costly to ourselves.
For male-male friendship, in the hunter-gatherers days when male form relationship such as friend with another male was for helping and learning from one another, whereas in the case of non-humans like Bonobos having a friend will increase his chance of mating with the female.
In the ancestral environments, where men hunted large animals for meat and hunting was a great risked especially when hunted large animals, therefore the ancestral men most likely hunted in a group (Lewis, 2011). Male to male friendship in our ancestors was made through cooperation in hunting and their willingness to reciprocate a favor to a friend led to successful friendship. Not only did men gained from a friend by hunting large game, but also learned warfare-related…

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