Benefits And Benefits Of Friends With Benefits Essay

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“Friends with Benefits” are usually thought of as relationships in which two good friends decide to become sexually involved (casually) without the responsibilities of a romantic relationship. However friends with benefits are much more complicated than it may sound, even though each relationship may have its own rules they all have one thing in common, sex. And as we may know with sex, comes a lot of other baggage that each participant brings to the table. I do not believe that friends with benefits can work as a sort-term or long-term arrangement no matter of the rules/boundaries put in place upon a mutual agreement. Someone always ends up catching feeling or getting hurt.
Many go into “Friends with Benefits” with the intentions of either not wanting anything more than casual sex, or make the mistake in thinking that “Friends with Benefits” will turn into a real relationship. However, a friend with benefits is not the way to achieve this. Fooling around together before developing an emotional bond will likely never end up being more than just a convenience to the other partner. The relationship becomes all about the physical, and there is never an opportunity to really talk and get close. Lots of people get hurt this way. They think this is a way to get close with someone, but it isn 't. People usually end up having feelings for the person they are being intimate with. Unfortunately, the partner doesn’t always feel so personally involved with the one they are being…

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