Essay about Benefits And Benefits Of Attending College

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Over the past hundred years, there has been a major evolution in the American life. No longer is obtaining a lifelong career, through years of education, confined to those only in certain areas lucky enough to afford it. Today, many people, in all areas of the country, are attending college and reaping its benefits. Naturally, the work industry has grown to accommodate for this, with many jobs requiring employees to have a college degree. Those who receive a higher education experience a myriad of benefits over those who only have a high school diploma. Benefits such as higher annual income, better job security, better job opportunities, as well as other personal benefits gained from the experience. In light of these benefits, college enrollment is now higher than ever, with 70 percent of high school graduates enrolling in some form of postsecondary education in 2009 (Baum et al.).
Many of these students, ready to take the next step in getting their career, already know about the options which 4-year schools provide. From the time they are a sophomore in high school, students are relentlessly bombarded with emails, letters, and phone calls from big universities begging them to attend. After looking into the requirements for attending these schools, the years of commitment and tens of thousands of dollars in tuition and fees, it quickly becomes a daunting and stressful decision. These requirements often become obstacles for many students and some may not have the ability or…

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