Benefit Of Computer In Education

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Picture this, you walk into a classroom and all you see is desks lined up in tightly packed rows, a teacher’s desk pushed in the front corner and a bright, green chalkboard. Some kids are falling asleep and others are making paper airplanes. The teacher in the front is lecturing the students on the importance of the French Revolution. I know, this sounds like a classroom from the 18th century, but some people believe that this is how education should be conducted today as well. These people don’t understand the benefits of having technology in the classroom. Computers hold databases with millions of rows of informational data, store primary documents, have videos that explain hard topics and are hosts to thousands of websites to help student get more insights and learnings. The 21st century thrives …show more content…
Using computers helps students improve their writing skills and has also led to students developing their ideas more easily. Many states have created laptop programs in schools to help improve the proficiency of the children in their state, “in Maine, 49% of eighth graders tested as proficient at writing in 2005, compared with 29% in 2000, before the state began its laptop program,” (“Laptops”). Not only are students improving on their technical skills with the aid of the internet and computers in the classroom, but also they are becoming more confident. E.R. Bialo and J. Sivin-Kachala pulled numerous studies together and figured out that “students feel more successful in school, are more motivated to learn and have increased self confidence and self esteem when using Computer Assisted Instruction.” (Kosakowski). Approximately 20% of all teens will face depression (“Teen”) and being motivated by technology and the internet can help teens go through these difficult times. There are both technical and emotional positives to the use of computers in

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