Beneficied Fitness: Arguments For Skill Related Fitness

Arguments for Health Related Fitness model are:
• It promotes a healthy lifestyle when students become aware of the importance of maintaining a fit and healthy body. This healthy pattern can also be beneficial by reducing or preventing the risks of common sickness and illnesses.
• It will aid in the development of Skill Related Fitness as Health Related Fitness components deals mostly with endurance and all sports require some level of fitness in order to be played.
• The ability to perform everyday activities easily with little fatigue.
Arguments against Health Related Fitness are:
• It limits student’s options to sporting careers and opportunities.
• Hinders students from developing skills and sporting talents.
• Because Health Related
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• It gives students an opportunity to find their talents in different sports.
• It can be a vital foundation to build lifelong values and morals through sportsmanship and teamwork.
Arguments against Skill Related Fitness model are:
• Higher risk of sustaining injuries
• It can bring about competition that can have both a negative or positive effect depending on one’s attitude.
• Little or no focus may be placed on health related fitness and may cause poor development of a complete athlete. Endurance and proper diet are aspects that must be
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After my research I can safely say that my philosophy is certainly that of a skill related one because although one may be healthy and full of endurance, that person may lack the skill and technique needed to give a great performance. Risk of injuries and competition is an everyday part of life something we cannot escape and something beyond our control. We do what we have to for the love of the sport and it is a risk we are willing to take.
I think however both health and skill related fitness is important to one’s complete fitness and should find a way to incorporate them to stimulate not only an athlete but a healthy human being. Just as in the game of football where persons often debate whether fitness is more important than skill. If someone possesses all the endurance and stamina to play the game but lacks the skill or technique to produce a quality performance; then he/she has not acquired their full potential and would not be completely competent in their respective position and vice versa. The persons that put in that extra work however and combine both skill and endurance are the players whose names are

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