Beneficence As A Compairment Of Purpose

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Statement of Purpose

I have a neurological impairment diagnosed as spastic cerebral palsy. Due to the complications surrounding my birth, I did not start speaking until I was four years old. The experience of living in silence was overwhelming, but it gave me a complex understanding of cognitive development. As an educator, my mother, used sign language to stimulate my ability to communicate. As I discovered various forms of expression, I used them as a frequency to understand my unusual stages of development in relation to my educational identity.

Before I was able to speak, I was a prisoner of my own thoughts. Writing set me free and helped me to find my voice. I need to write as much as a need to breathe. Writing saved my life. My unique
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Thomas University. My graduate studies afforded me the opportunity to publish an article called, Beneficence as a Competitive Advantage, in the Journal of Management and Development. The degree gives me the ability to tailor my leadership style to meet the needs of diverse organizations, while enhancing my overall professional marketability. After of obtaining the master in teaching writing, I want to also pursue a master in finance from John Hopkins to give my professional areas of discipline range and …show more content…
Three of my family passed away and I took care of them up until the day that they died. My mother always said, “follow your passion and success will always follow you”. But because I was chained to the reality of my family demographic, my passions had to show reverence to my personal obligations. I thought that if I did not make myself vulnerable to the possibility of failure, that I would not feel the pain disappointment. Now that my youngest brother has gone off to college, I can satisfy my need to understand the art of writing and all forms of communication without feeling guilty for following my heart. In order to give the best, one has to allow themself to receive the best; and can only accomplish that by enlisting the help of John Hopkins University. Writing is my passion and it fulfills me; so, I must have the courage and discipline to master my craft. I am inspired by the written word and how it can cause a purgation of emotion. Words are empty and cannot stand only; words take on the symbolic meaning that they are given by their author. I see writing as a formal structure of poetic expression that introduces diversity when the author allows the audience to connect to his or her literary work through individual

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