Essay about Benedict Arnold And Joseph Mccarthy

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The role of a leader is an incredibly vital and often challenging job. With leadership comes the responsibility to set an example for followers, provide direction for the masses, and work with fellow leaders improve current situations. However, with the task of leadership also comes the unfortunate matter involving the misuse of power. Too often in history individuals have used said power to turn against those they were meant to protect. While there is a substantial time gap between the two, Benedict Arnold and Joseph McCarthy are two of these individuals. Benedict Arnold and Joseph McCarthy are both well known leaders known in America that used their power in many similar and different ways that granted them the title of being “villainous” leaders. Although Benedict Arnold and Joseph McCarthy were around in separate periods of history, they are still incredibly alike in their roles as leaders. One of their similarities surrounds being involved in the military. Benedict Arnold was a general during the Revolutionary War, and Joseph McCarthy was a first lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. They both also are similar in their abandonment of their roots. McCarthy was originally a full-blooded Democrat, but left and began to represent the Republican party. This connects with Benedict Arnold, as he was originally a Major General for the Continental army until he switched sides during the war to fight as the Brigadier General in the British army. The shift that occurred…

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