Essay about Beneath Clouds Analysis

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Assessment Preparations:
A journey is more than just the dictionary meaning of travelling or moving from one place to another. It’s about creating an adventure from points A to B understanding the physical emotions along with intellectual understandings of a journey. This can be clearly seen in the three films Beneath Clouds, Finding Nemo and (related text) where the journey is undertaken in many ways.
The opening scene of Beneath Clouds begins with sombre, uplifting music mirrored with a panning shot of the ethereal clouds. We are then introduced to Lena’s story as the camera zooms down to mundane earth, which juxtaposes with the previous shot of the clouds, highlighting the unwelcoming and harsh landscape. A truck passes through
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An example of journeys begins with Marlin who sets out to seek for his son Nemo who has been captured by divers. Along him to travel along this physical journey is unexpected friend Dory who he met along his way. They set away from home on a journey to Sydney, a set of scenes and new characters introduced along the journey allows a great perspective to how physically and emotionally the journey is. The use of camera angles particularly the long shot screening the heavily drifting ocean currents with dozens of sea turtles in the current defines a definitive ending.
The initiation of Nemo escaping the fish tank to search for his dad Marlin conveys a physical journey. The close-up shot of Nemo being flushed down the dental sink gave a vast perspective to the viewers a successful attempt of escape. The close-up shot that illustrated the blow-out of Marlin and Dory out of the whale at Sydney Harbour illustrates the journey is coming closer to an end. Nemo and Marlin is however, to face each other in the oceans of Sydney Harbour, a long physical and intellectual journey from points A to B finally came to an end. The music gives an indication of calmness in the surrounding environment and builds up to represent the conclusion of this journey alongside with a reflection back to their home in the coral reefs.
Contrastingly, through the film (related text) also shares similarity of a physical journey. It is represented through (camera shot) which

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