Benchmark Assignment : Gospel Essentials Essay

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Benchmark Assignment: Gospel Essentials So far in this class we have learned about how God created the Heaven, Stars and the Earth and all of the animals that live on it. We have also learned about the first human beings, Adam and Eve, who didn’t abide by God’s rules and let him down. We also learned how God gave his only son Jesus to come and walk with us as a human. We learned how he died on the cross for us and arose again to forgive us of all of our sins and so that we can one day walk with him and God again and have eternal life. In this paper I will talk about what God, humanity, Jesus, the Restoration how it all ties in with the Christian Worldview. God God is like no other man, he is eternal because he has no beginning or end. According to Sherri Brown, “The Power and Presence of God In Jesus: Walking on Water in the Gospel Narratives.” God says to Moses, I am who I am, and across the prophets God continues to declare himself that way.He is also immutable which means that he never changes, his character and laws are eternal. God is perfect in all of his ways. According to the textbook “The 2
Beginning of Wisdom: An Introduction to Christian Thought and Life” Genesis 1 and 2 say that God is primarily the sovereign creator. This is true but it isn’t his only attributes. He is also loving, faithful and Holy. His creation is the Heaven, Stars and the Earth. According to the Bible, God first created the heaven and the earth. God said let there…

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