Essay on Ben & Jerry's Swot

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SWOT Analysis
Ben & Jerry’s is an innovative leader in the super premium ice cream industry. They have a product line that consists of ice cream, low-fat ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, and a few novelty products. All of their products are sold through supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores, franchised Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops, and restaurants. Ben & Jerry’s also incorporates a commitment toward being a socially active and environmentally responsible ice cream manufacturer. Ben & Jerry’s pride themselves on being the leader in the super premium ice cream manufacturer industry. Super premium ice cream is characterized by a greater richness and density, than that, of economy ice cream, and demands a premium
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They should look to invest in new innovative technologies to reduce the cost of waste reduction and recycling, also. Next, the opportunity of marketing and advertising always plays a huge role in a company’s ability to increase its market share and sustain its profit growth. It’s always vital for a company to understand their consumer’s wants and needs. And it’s a company’s job to provide those consumers with those specific wants and needs. The best way for Ben & Jerry’s to meet those wants and needs of the consumers is to conduct some marketing research studies.
Ben & Jerry’s should construct a marketing strategy that promotes their use of the rBGH free-ingredients. By incorporating such a strategy, this will allow them expand their customer base in the area of the environmentally minded consumer. Given the fact that, using rBGH free-ingredients promotes the use of family farming and agriculture as well. This approach will also be good for promoting the fact that are using all-natural ingredients and still maintaining their high-quality taste and flavor variety.
The fact that Ben & Jerry’s only has 3 manufacturing plants located in the New England region can be seen as an opportunity for expansion. This can also be seen as a solution to the distribution channel issue that troubles Ben & Jerry’s. If Ben & Jerry’s were to expand its facilities outside of the New England region they would

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