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1. Introduction Ben & Jerry’s is actual the leader in the market of luxury ice cream in the UK, clear to Haagen Daz, moreoever the cofunders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfields said that they want to try their new faire trade policy and the new marketing because it "is a lot more civilised, as evidenced by things like how advanced Fairtrade is here and how behind the US is. The US excels at maximising profits and exporting weapons." The UK campain is by consequences important for Ben &

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It allows to Ben & Jerry’s to show at its customers that the company cares about the world in a period where environment and fairtrade are the new trends.

The second objective of the brand is to improve the awareness. With new spots in cinemas and TV and to continue to use social networks which were successful until here.

The communication objectives are to focus in a new category of consumer the young women.


Ben & Jerry’s has to use social networks where most of people interesting in Ben & Jerry’s have between 16 and 34 years old. With the implementation of Ben & Jerry’s in many cinemas across the UK, it is essential that the company continues its adverts in cinemas. But the TV, to reach this new target could also be a good opportunity.

Ben & Jerry’s has to purchase the campain « Fair or not fair », but with a communication where the comsumer could identify itself. The actual campain of Ben & Jerry’s show the product, the fairtade and the cofunders Ben and Jerry. They have to focus on young women and to keep the spirit of the brand with a friendly image, and always use humour and fun.

The ways to promote the brand don’t have to change (social networks, cinemas, TV), but Ben & Jerry’s has to do new communication message focus on young women target.

5. Tactics

-To launch a low fat campain on the Internet.
With a significant presence on
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