Ben Franklin Autobiography Summary Essay

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The man Benjamin Franklin eventually became a man of good character and willingness to accept others. However, as the story of Ben Franklin unfolds you see he was indeed just a man. A man found to be of the same fault and human flaw as us all to which we were born, and that is into sin. Franklin as well as all people fell short. God told us in his word long before Ben Franklin ever existed. Romans 3:23 states “for all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God.” (NIV). Franklin did prove however, by his own story that man could never be in a state of perfection. Franklin just came to terms that he was just a man, but strived to fight for what he thought was right to the end. Still God chose to bless him with privileged
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Franklin’s lack of perfection is regularly displayed in his acquaintances such as the dealings of William Keith. Keith the governor was a very clever gentleman. Keith is proof that showed Franklin you cannot always take people at face value, but Franklin did not learn this lesson very well; because he continually entered into friendships and partnerships without real discernment. A young Ben Franklin really demonstrates his lack of ability to learn lessons quickly through his dealings with people and the world. If it had not been for God and his plans for Franklin’s life, Franklin would not have lived much past the age of 25. Franklin regularly engaged in bad relationships one after the other such as Keith “Governor”, John Collins “a drunk”, Keimer “a Glutton”, and Ralph “a mooch”. However, along the way Benjamin Franklin did have some good guidance by the Quaker named Denham. Denham seemed to be that of a guardian of sorts for the foolishness that Ben displayed in his life. Denham was probably the guidance that turned most of Franklin’s bad choices around. Franklin may have with the invention of his stove passed up the patent as away of giving to others as Denham had given to Franklin, with the opportunities Denham afforded Franklin early in his life.
Even though Franklin was on a pursuit of perfection he displayed the imperfection of man perfectly and testimony of that is

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