Ben Cohen 's ' Ben ' Essay

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“Ben I know your back there,” I said abruptly “Dang I thought I had you, the leaves are wet, how did you hear me coming,” Ben said surprised
We play a game to see if the one can sneak up behind the other. “Ben, I always know and you always don’t. I win at everything. You know Ben we could run away from this place never return, go to thirteen or live in the woods, and we could make it” “I know we could but what about Jason, Ryan, Vance and Polly, our mothers.” Ben Answers “They could come with us” I exclaim “Jason, in the woods he’d mess up his hair and die on the spot, Ohhhh I brought us a little reaping snack, some PB&J, and white soda,” Ben says being a know-it-all. “Oh my God how on earth did you get this, it must have cost you a fortune,” I say surprised. “Cost me a deer at the Hob for the meal, Xander gave me the sodas if I gave him the whole thing”
I eat my meal, catch a squirrel and head back to my home, I arrive at my house where I find my mother setting my clothes out, and calming Jason down, for it is his first reaping. I wash up and have my mother do my hair. Ben stops at the Hob to buy himself a new set of clothes for the reaping; it is his last year of the reaping having his name in 42 times because of tesserae. I look outside and see the antipathy, dreaded Rabi Wage with his teal capitol skin and purple hair; he is the most hated person District 12 has ever known, also known as the District 12 escort. All the children line up…

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