Essay about Ben Carson 's Childhood As A Challenge

1355 Words Dec 8th, 2015 6 Pages
Growing up in a single parent household, in inner city Detroit, as a black boy in the fifties through the sixties, you could describe Ben Carson’s childhood as a challenge. His mother, one of 24 children, only had a third grade education. With all of this combined, as a young child, Ben had a horrible temper, low self esteem, and was an atrocious student. How could he care about getting good grades, when he was surrounded by people who had never and did not aspire to achieve in school? However, even with Ben’s seemingly hopeless home life, where any success seemed impossible, he had had something very important. His mother. Although she wasn 't the smartest women, she believed in her kids and pushed them to be the best they could be. She did not give or accept excuses, under any circumstances. She had something rare to find in people who live in dire poverty, ambition. Especially ambition for her children to overcome their circumstances and succeed. Watching her two sons get horrible grades, she decided to make a change. She unplugged the television, and read and write book reports to which they would submit to her. Little do they know, she could not read the book reports, but that didn 't matter. What mattered, was that those books changed Ben. The books made him curious, they gave him an escape, and eventually they taught him they he was in control of his life. If he wanted to succeed, he could succeed. So succeed he did. Ben went on to improve his grades greatly in high…

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