Ben And Jerry's Impact Of Transparency

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Register to read the introduction… Whether it's a corporate, private or non-profit organization, transparency will determine what kind of public standing a firm has. Ben and Jerry's is a good example of how the use of transparency can turn a company's image into a popular eco-friendly business that make customers happy to be involved with. Ben and Jerry's are easily associated with natural and sustainable labels. They have developed environmental and social responsibility agenda give their name brand a perception of environmental, social stewardship, and ethical values with the consumers. They allocated funds for community projects, feed food waste to farm animals using a cradle-to-cradle earth-friendly scheme. They go against bovine growth hormone (BGH). They give royalties to farm aid. They use unbleached paper products and their wood pulp comes from sustainable harvested forests (The Gort Cloud, Seireeni,2008). The transparency of Ben and Jerry's eco-friendly business is an open book to anyone who chooses to check on their business practices. The care they show for people, farm animals, and green sustainability efforts will continue to make them a consumer favorite as long as they have a

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