Belvie Mabika Case Study

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Belvie Mabika came to America as a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). With her she brought many strengths, academically and socially, however, these strengths might not be tapped into until we move past some of her barriers and continue to build upon her linguistic knowledge. Belvie came to America when she was 11 years old and was immediately enrolled in a 5th grade class, however, when she arrived here she only had the equivalent of a 2nd grade education, with a few spotty lessons from teachers in the refugee camp. It is important to note here though, that Belvie was not uneducated out of her own free will. Rather she was forced out of her home and school by war. Therefore, we cannot assume that she is unintelligent, emotionally …show more content…
First, it would explain her protectiveness of her younger sister, to the point of walking her to class (8th grade). Though her parents may not hurt her siblings, Belvie may feel a motherly attachment, or need for protection over her younger sister since she has taken on this role. In addition to this, Belvie may not understand American culture of school or simply life in which it is very safe, watched over, and against the use of violence. Furthermore, she is used to being in a refugee camp with her sister, and may be concerned about what could happen to her if she leaves her to roam the school on her own not understanding the difference between the two, or even understanding the difference between the outside environments, or the fact that those who hurt them in the DRC are not coming for them here. This idea of Belvie not knowing the difference between cultures, and knowing so well the inside of a refugee camp may also explain her fear when she hears someone come over the loudspeaker. While in the camps there may have been a loudspeaker that delivered bad news, warned people to take cover, or warned that something bad was coming. It is possible too, that Belvie has a mild form of PTSD from these camps if they were so bad that she refuses to speak about and remember them, and if these loudspeakers scare her so easily and deliver to her such anxiety and

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