`` Beloved `` By Toni Morrison Essay

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Desire, often defined as a sense of longing or an emotional craving, is at its core, a driving force in each of our lives. No one lives without desire. It is such an innate facet of our humanity that there are literally religions based around the concept of living without desire. The concept itself has many connotations, ranging from simple desires like food and human interaction, to the extreme, being greed. It has been proposed that desire is a form of slavery each and every one of us is a victim to. No one can live without it and it controls us from the inside, out. In Beloved, the majority of the characters are ex-slaves, struggling to find the true meaning of freedom, however, due to desire for basic human needs (as they have been deprived of essentially their entire lives), they are caught in a metaphorical limbo. In her novel Beloved, Toni Morrison uses the concept of desire, both negatively and in excess, to portray the idea that while her characters Paul D and Sethe are physically free, they will never be free emotionally or mentally due to their intense need to reclaim their humanity. In her novel, Morrison puts a great deal of emphasis on emotion, or more specifically, a lack thereof. Because during slavery, the characters were stripped of their humanity by Schoolteacher, and essentially treated and studied as animals, there became a separation of the emotional and physical. In Sweet Home, Paul D was on of 5 men responsible for looking after and tending to the…

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