Belonging Essay

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The concept of belonging deals with not only acceptance but also with dejection and alienation. This concept can influence our belonging to a relationship or place by our background and culture. These ideas are explored through Shakespeare’s play “As You Like IT”, the poem “Villane on a Theme” by George Good and the film “Remember the Titans” directed by Boaz Yakin. By analysing the texts in relation to belonging we see a variety of perceptions to belonging in the means of relationships, family and place. The different contexts in which each text is written explore slightly different ideas that together broaden our understanding on the complexity that is belonging.109

“As You Like IT” explores the idea of belonging to place heavily
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The personification of America as Uncle Sam gives us the effect of America being the persona’s peer which makes the poem more personal and the idea that maybe this rejection of belonging is not the right choice as his peers think him conforming would be better for him. The overall impression of the poem is that belonging is a thing that we must sometimes avoid to keep our individuality.436
In relation to “As You Like IT” belonging to family is also discussed. This can be seen between the brothers Oliver and Orlando and their father Sir Roland. The brothers belong to each other physically as seen in the line spoken by Orlando “in the gentle condition of my blood you should so know me” meaning they both have the same father and Oliver should recognise this belonging and treat Orlando with love and respect. Following the divine order of the plays context Oliver, the eldest son has the right to their fathers wealth and respect but wrongly then takes away the gentlemen like qualities from Orlando that belong to him also. Though they should belong to one and other they do not so for the majority of the play. Adam, their servant leaves Oliver to go with Orlando as he no longer believes Oliver to be the son of his father. “Yet the son- Yet not the son, I will not call him son”. This quote through repetition emphasises the word ‘son’ in order to put the point through that Oliver does not belong to his noble family because of his selfishness.629
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