Belonging English Exam Notes Essay

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English exam revision
Exam One
Area Of Study – Belonging.
Creative Writing
Belonging Essay 1. The Immigrant Chronicles- Peter Skrzynecki
Migrant Hostel * Portrays emotions surrounding the experience of migrants in detainment after their arrival in Australia.
Technique: Simile- capering the migrants to..
Example: “birds of passage” who were “always sensing a change in the weather”
Effect: emphasises the absence of a stanle fixed home for the migrants. They feel they do not belong in their current location. They are also “uncertain” about their furutre “track”.
Technique: Physical Symbols in the LAST STANZA
Effect: highlights the migrants’ perception of their lack of belonging in their society new society.
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IMAGERY- red coats. So his son follows in his footsteps.
Example: Craig sees natural beauty through VOICEOVER to expose BOB materialistic view. BOB’s “Great Dream” is to urbanise it with housing and shopping malls.
Technique: Medium tracking shot again, shows Bob walking along the headland to have the same conversation as at the start of the episode, the camera PULLS BACK, to reveal Julie not Craig in the same Red blazer.
Example: Julie vision is “What do you call wetland... shopping mall waiting to happen.

2. Image of Kim Phuc- Nick Ut
T.E.E: Soldiers in the background of the photograph don’t only represents war, shown through the casual relaxed body language while holding their rifles how desensitised they have become to the suffering of others. The soldiers are also victims of this war which has diminished their humanity.
T.E.E: Juxtaposition of innocent children with the armed soldiers in the background generates a feeling of incongruity of war. The Children represent innocence and powerlessness while the image of soldiers embodies threat and danger. By the placement of these images being side-by-side a strong statement to the audience about how war is senseless and communicates how war causes devastation. 3. Tulip- Rachel Griffiths
LINK WITH SEA CHANGE: Laura Gibson feel compelled to leave the busy city life and a complication associated with the break-up of her marriage far behind her

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