Bellarmine University Case Study

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The beginning of any great university starts with its beliefs and values as an institution. The university implements the mission and vision of the school in every decision it makes, whether it is big or small. We believe the mission of Bellarmine University should be updated to reflect its future goals. To meet the high standards outlined in the mission and vision statement there are several issues that Bellarmine needs to address. These topics have been identified by various current employees of the university and cover a variety of areas. Broadly, these categories are the management structure of the university, lack of funds, detailed diverse interests which will be described later in the paper, and fostering innovation. Our five-year and ten-year plans seek to provide viable solutions to these conflicts.

Mission and Vision
We believe that the mission of Bellarmine University is: an independent Catholic university that educates students through undergraduate and graduate programs, within which students
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These goals will be known by the whole university and shared by everyone. We have set goals in our version of Bellarmine University’s vision statement. Bellarmine University shall be a university known not only in the local community but also regionally and nationally for our excellence in education and religious values. With a commitment to an inclusive community, a dynamic campus experience, and a diverse curriculum based upon our outstanding faculty, Bellarmine shall become the premiere Catholic university of the South and one of the best in the nation. Through this ambition, Bellarmine will build a productive atmosphere curating the intellectual and creative accomplishments of our faculty, staff, and students. As a university, Bellarmine will exercise civility, integrity, and charity toward the local community and all communities around the

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