Essay about Bella 's Birthday Was Next Week

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Bella 's birthday was next week. Dad and were making a trip out to Port Angeles while Bella 's was in school. I had an idea of what I wanted to get her, but dad didn 't have a clue and asked me to help him. It was funny to see the guy that had always known what to do when something was wrong with me or I needed something, but when it came to Bella… you could see the gap that Bella living in another state and never coming to visit had created. It was sad how Bella and I were polar opposites in more than just personality, but also in how much our father understood us and us him. We were about five miles from the city when dad 's cell phone rang.

"Hello?" Dad answered. I heard some mumbles on the other end of the line.

"Renee? No, I haven 't. I 'm actually on my way to get her something right now." He said seeming confused.

"Okay. Is that what she wants?" Dad asked and there was some more talking on the other end. Dad cringed away from the phone as the volume of Renee 's voice got louder till I could clearly hear Renee yelling at dad through the phone about how she knows her own daughter. I grabbed the phone from dad and held it to my ear as she was still yelling.

"Renee." I said and she instantly quieted.

"Who 's this?" Renee asked heatedly into the phone.

"Sunny, Charlie 's other daughter. I would much appreciated if you would leave my father alone. He 's getting Bella a gift and your suggestion was appreciated, but him asking a question is nothing against you. Take a…

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