Organizational Culture Research Paper

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Organizational Culture
Most organizations have their own culture and beliefs. As an employee, you have to adapt to their system or way of doing things. This paper will give some insight on the culture of my organization. Their culture took me awhile to get use to but it is very effective. There are many things to learn and remember as an employee but this helps you create a better organization. The system is designed to help those that are in need. Therefore its philosophy and values help hold the organization and the clients together. In order to be successful as an organization, you have to be on one accord as a group. This will promote a great working environment for the employees and the clients.
The organization has many views
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The organization functions on the well being of its clients and employees. It’s important to treat the clients with respect. The agency also treats their employees with respect and dignity. Everyone in the organization must understand the responsibility of a positive experience for the clients. These characteristics are hard to find in most organizations. However by focusing on the people, it place high values on the organizational culture. Regardless of change, our message should remain the same to the clients and the employees. We are committed to helping people that are in …show more content…
This paper gave so in sight on the culture of my organization and how things may change but the mission should remain the same. Employees and clients want to feel a sense of stability and this is what we are trying to offer as an agency. As leaders, we have to be open to change and God wants us to be that light that others may need. Our vision in an organization has to be plan just as God’s made his vision for us. Once we get these characteristics together, the organization will be better place for employees and our mission will be fulfilled for the agency and for

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