Essay on Being a Muslim girl in America

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Being a Bengali Muslim girl
I am a Muslim girl who chose to cover. I chose to wear my hijab as a sign of my renewed faith and my commitment to my creator. I chose this path for myself despite opposition from various members of my community as well as my own family. My family and I are part of a very tight-knit Bengali community. The Bengali community consists of people who were born in Bangladesh and migrated to the states in the hopes of acquiring a better future for their children. I am the youngest in my family; since I was born I have always been spoiled. My mistakes were always hidden and my achievements were always broadcasted. My parents and my older sister always shielded me from the perils of life and the negative aspects
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Their lack of knowledge and their ignorance towards their own religion was disheartening. Many times I felt isolated from the members of my community, even though we were from the same country and practiced the same religion, I was so different from them. Despite their comments made towards me I was now determined more than ever to wear my hijab. I felt that it was my duty as a Muslim to wear it and discredit these factious notions that religion should be practiced only when older. I wanted to show the members of my society that religion is for all ages and although their own mentality prevented them from exploring their faith, religion was not limited. Along with the Bengali community I dealt with opposition from members of my school and my friends. Society had been successfully brainwashed by the media to think that there was only one version of beauty that wearing the hijab wasn’t beautiful it was oppressing. I listened to my friends and I witnessed their reactions to me in a hijab and although they supported me, they never understood the concept of hijab. Many times I am surrounded by people and still feel alone, because no one understood my life or me. Just like the Bengali community my friends also had limits in their mentality, and although they never reacted negatively about my hijab they never reacted positively either. They came from different upbringings and had different views on what beauty

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