Being a Hero Essay

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Being a Hero

The human need for heroes is an important part of our social makeup. They range from the firemen who risked their lives to save others during the 9/11 incident to civil rights activists such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Each hero is distinct but they share the common goal of showing courage, where others fail to. Heroes are rare and remarkable, invaluable and important. They shape the mold of what is good. Heroes must show just, determined, impactful, and selfless behaviors. Each of these four criterions is equally important and together forms the basis of what a hero is. Just behavior is what separate’s a hero from a villain. Being morally right encourages the individual to
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This being unheard of at the time left an underlying impact within American culture and helped African Americans gain the rights of other citizens. A person cannot be called a hero if they don’t make an impact. Heroes fight to see things change for the better and the impression they leave is what helps their goal remain relevant for extended periods of time. Selflessness is what separates heroes from champions. A champion’s focal point is to prove they are the best. A hero focuses on making life better for other people.
Mother Theresa is a household name because of her charitable behavior throughout her life. Many people have followed her example and because of this the lessons she taught us will not soon be forgotten. She made the world a better place, while sports and entertainment champions of the time were forgotten by the following year’s replacements. Heroes are a symbol for people to look up to. They act as a role model for modern times and future generations. They carry out their goals no matter the extremity or difficulty to make sure the world is a fairer place. They are crucial to society because they are willing to do things others will not to assure a better living environment for all people. It takes an extraordinary amount of determination and selflessness to redefine cultural standards and heroes are up for the challenge. Heroes act in the hope that people will follow the lead they set

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