Being The Hallmark Channel Fan That I Am Essay

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Being the Hallmark Channel fan that I am, I am always interested in "discovering" as many of the actors and actresses connected with their shows and films as possible. And in this case, I noticed Brittany Willacy in last week 's Chesapeake Shores show, and I knew that I longed for the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her role of Leigh. However, there is more to this lady than one might expect. Just this week, Brittany respdoned to a few questions about her music career, her acting career, her role in Chesapeake Shores, and even some hints at her future aspirations.

RH: Why did you become a singer/musician? What kind of training have you had in music?

BW: Both my parents are music fans and artists, so I was surrounded by music and encouraged to start lessons at a young age. I took piano and voice lessons for years and got myself in as many school choirs, bands and musicals as I could. Eventually, I got to a point where I wanted to explore writing music and playing with other people in a band. Music has always been therapeutic for me and a fun way to spend time and create with friends. I 've jammed and played shows with a few different bands in Vancouver for fun over the years, but it wasn 't until I was approached to tour that I started to look at it more seriously.

head-of-the-herd.jpg.jpgTell us about the music group you toured with. What musical style was the group? What was your specific role in the group?

I was in Head of the Herd, which was a rock band…

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