Essay about Being Raised As A Young Child By Illegal Immigrants

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Being raised as a young child by illegal immigrants, my parent stressed the importance of getting an education on a daily. I watched my parents struggled for years until they were able to get on their feet. My mother would work worked multiple low skilled jobs just to food on the table while my father learned the HVAC skills. They would also stress to me that they never want me to struggle has hard they had to in life. Their motto was “Education is the key to success in life”. At a young age, I did not comprehend the wisdom that they were giving me until I got older and witnessed it with my own eyes. To make a difference in the world I must educate and better myself. This motto was the motivation in my family and it has driven two of my aunts’ to become nurses, one cousin who is a doctor and my older sister is currently in medical school.
Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to help other anyway that I could. I was raised on the principle of “Do to others as you would have them to you”,(Luke 6:31) which made me reevaluate my actions towards other. Growing up I notice that helping others gives you a kind of satisfaction that self-interest can never offer. I love that satisfied feeling of making someone else day. It could be a smile, a simple hello or donating your time and energy to those that are in need. My drive to help other allowed me to find a career where I can do that every day with a smile on my face. My aunts also played a role with…

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